How to Instill Eye Drops


  • Wash and rinse your hands thoroughly, and dry using a clean towel.
  • Tilt your head up a bit. Use the index finger on the free hand (not the hand holding the eye drops) to pull down the lower lid gently.  Look way up (towards forehead), then carefully squeeze out one drop into the eye.


  • Watch yourself in a mirror.  Tilt chin up a bit, pull lower lid down gently, squeeze a drop so that it lands in the gap between your lower lid and your eye.  Let go of lower lid and the drop should wash over your eye.
  • Once the drop is in your eye (or in your eyes if both eyes are being treated) close your eye and use a finger to gently press the inside corner of your eye (beside your nose) for about two minutes.  This prevents/minimizes the drop from being absorbed into your bloodstream- this prevents/minimizes side effects.  If you are instilling more than one type of drop, wait at least 15 minutes between drops to prevent washout of the earlier drop.
  • Wipe away excess drops around your eyes using a tissue.  Wash hands again to prevent any stray drops from being instilled later should you rub your eye.